Navigating the multifamily construction industry with expertise.

Krasik Multifamily Consulting specializes in construction coordination and project management for ground-up multifamily residential properties in Southern California.

Our construction consulting services are tailored to meet the needs of developers and contractors who are looking to bring a project to fruition smoothly and successfully.

Our deep understanding of the construction process allows us to address and anticipate potential risks and challenges before they arise.

As an advisory team, we coordinate with all parties in any phase to ensure that the developer's interests are protected and that the project stays on track and on budget.
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We aim to ensure that key aspects such as cost, schedule, design, and regulatory compliance are appropriately addressed before construction activities begin.

Constructability Peer Review

Using our experience in the architecture & construction field, we examine plans at any stage to identify any errors, omissions, discrepancies, conflicts, and scope gaps between disciplines, in order to develop a comprehensive list of RFIs and resolve potential change orders before they happen.

Value Engineering

Present value engineering suggestions and improvements to reduce costs on materials and labor, proposing alternative solutions that are more efficient and cost-effective, without sacrificing original design intention.

Risk Assessment

Identify potential risks and challenges associated with the project, such as site conditions, material sourcing, and regulatory requirements to develop risk mitigation strategies and contingency plans used throughout the construction process.

Project Management

We coordinate directly with all project stakeholders to ensure that our client's interests are protected, facilitating effective communication to build positive relationships while moving construction forward.

Contract Administration

Distribute and assemble requests for proposals (RFPs), facilitate bid reviews and selections, negotiate pricing and scope, prepare and amend contract documents, manage change orders, and log trade buyouts within our proprietary Subcontractor Matrix.

During construction, we manage the terms and conditions of the contract, ensuring that all parties fulfill their obligations, and resolve any issues or disputes that may arise during the construction process.

Scheduling & Budgeting

Track and reconcile budget throughout project duration, while developing and maintaining a construction project schedule, identifying clear timelines and mapping critical paths and milestones, keeping contractors on track for substantial completion.

Construction Documentation

Review, Issue, and log RFIs, submittals, and substitution requests to design team. Manage project records and documentation, as a supplement to GC documentation.

Field Management

Coordinate on-site efforts with subcontractors, vendors, AHJ, & project superintendent, while directly addressing critical path roadblocks and tracking upcoming trade buyouts.  

Utility Coordination

Coordinate utilities with LADWP/SCE (water and power), telecommunications, U-Permit and E-Permit documentation with the city.

Work with the building department and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) to ensure that utilities are successfully delivered to the construction site.


5246 Hermitage Ave.

Los Angeles

16-unit Residential, Market Rate
25,000 S.F.

11013 Hartsook St.

North Hollywood

25-Unit Residential, Market Rate
38,000 S.F.
1 Level Subterranean Garage

3773 Glendon Ave.

Los Angeles

85-Unit Residential, Market Rate
113,000 S.F.
2 Levels Subterranean Garage

8900 Ramsgate Ave.

Los Angeles

33-unit Residential, Market Rate
46,000 S.F.

6028 Craner Ave.

North Hollywood

10-unit Residential, Condominium
15,000 S.F.

11103 Hartsook St.

North Hollywood

138-Unit Residential, Market Rate
105,000 S.F.
2 levels subterranean garage

"I have hired Krasik Multifamily Consulting's services to provide full project management for my multifamily new construction project in the Los Angeles area and my expectations have been exceeded. The services include full Subcontractor buyouts and negotiation, contract management from inception, contract review through contract signing, Schedule and budget monitoring, Utility bodies management, plan reviews and VE options. These services definitely helped me save in multiple areas and brought my budget down."

Pyramid Development Group, Inc.

Our Value

We empower our clients with a trusted partner who can navigate the complexities of the construction process, mitigate risks, control costs, ensure quality, and maintain effective communication.

Our expertise and guidance contribute to a smoother construction experience, increased profit rates, and by laying the foundation for a successful outcome, we help our clients achieve their goals and bring their projects to life.

Aesthetic kitchen with industrial modern fixtures and hardwood floor.
Headshot of Evan Krasik, founder of KMC

Evan Krasik
As a licensed architect with substantial experience in the multifamily construction industry, Evan brings a multidisciplinary approach and proficiency to his projects as an invaluable asset to any development or construction team.
Headshot of Jennifer Mead, employee at KMC.

Jennifer Mead
With a Master's in Education, Certificate in Project Management from UCLA, and PMP certification, Jennifer seamlessly integrates her educational background with project management, offering invaluable support to her team and clients.

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