About Us

With over 35 years of experience, we have learned time and again that while each project is not necessarily unique, every client’s needs are individual.

Armed with this wealth of experience and expertise, we handle each client and project anew, bringing a clean slate to every brief, ensuring we focus squarely on the needs of our clients and learn intimately what defines their ideal home.

We aim to take what is an undoubtedly daunting prospect for any client, and turn it into a pleasurable experience, one that will be remembered fondly for years to come.



Evan Krasik

B Arch(Syd) M Arch(Yale)
With a wealth of experience and expertise, Brendan applies a broad church of influences to every brief, ensuring he can confidently meet the needs of our clients and get to the heart of what inspires their idea of home.

Completed Projects

11013 Hartsook St.

North Hollywood

25-Unit Residential, Market Rate
24,000 S.F.
1 Level Subterranean Garage

3773 Glendon Ave.

Los Angeles

85-Unit Residential, Market Rate
113,000 S.F.
2 Levels Subterranean Garage

2510 West Coast Hwy

Newport Beach

33-Unit Residential, Mixed Use, Market Rate
67,000 S.F.

6028 Craner Ave.

North Hollywood

10-unit Residential, Condominium
15,000 S.F.

11103 Hartsook St.

North Hollywood

138-Unit Residential, Market Rate
105,000 S.F.
2 levels subterranean garage

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